About Me

Hello! My name is Juno Guo!

A reliable Digital Design graduate in BCIT with experience in graphic design, UI/UX design, motion graphic, video production and front-end development.

I have built a solid foundation in graphic design and motion graphic, specialising in branding, advertisement and promotions. I am currently looking for an internship or full-time opportunity in digital design or development field.

Illustration and 3D Modeling

Illustration has been my side hobby since I was a kid. When words cannot express what I feel, I start drawing. It also refined my skill as an artist and designer.

In order to hone my skills and keep it up-to-date, I am self-learning trendy techniques and so on. In my point of view, working in 2D & 3D is going to qualified us to be a better designer in the future.

Feel free to check my other works on Behance and Instagram.